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cubelet machines

Hoshizaki Cubelet Icemakers and Dispensers are designed for dependability. The attractive stainless steel exterior provides long life and easy maintenance. Easy to chew, dry cubelet ice is produced and stored in a sanitary, built-in storage bin. DCM Cubelet Icemakers and Dispensers dispense ice and/or water.

Features & Benefits
  Attractive stainless steel finish

  The internal auger design produces the highest quality ice with fewer repairs and less down-time

  The auger design has achieved good efficiency results with low kilowatt consumption for the ice production


The exclusive CleanCycle 12® design featured on the DCM-500 and DCM-750 provides a 15 minute flush every 12 hours, which washes away impurities leading to longer machine life and cleaner ice

  Air-Cooled models have removable, cleanable air filters for more efficient operation and dependable performance

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